My Hair Pie

This blog post is about my favorite toy in the whole wide world and how much I love it. I’ll go to great extremes to find and retrieve my Hair Pie. I’ll dig to the bottom of the toy basket and wont give up until I find it. It isn’t just any toy – it’s my Hair Pie!

Here’s what our toy basket looks like at the beginning of the day (notice how momma stacks all the toys so nice and neatly in the basket)…

And here it is at the end of the day….

I’ve had a few really great toys over the years, and I mean REALLY GREAT!  This post is about my current favorite– My Hair Pie.  It’s called a Hair Pie because it’s shaped like a pie and covered with furry hair — and I tell you, I LOVE MY HAIR PIE!

I dont remember when or where I got my Hair Pie, but it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  It’s got a squeaker inside that works like a champ.  I play fetch with it whenever I can get someone with opposable thumbs to throw it for me. I can play fetch almost all day long. When I bring it back, I usually have to give it a few squeaks before handing it over for another toss. We tried to get a picture of me carrying my Hair Pie, but momma wasn’t fast enough with the camera — they say I look like I’ve got a Groucho Marx mustache when I carry it around.

Wilson isn’t allowed to play with my Hair Pie. He knows better than to even look at. If he even gets anywhere close to it, I start yelling at him. When I was little, I had a tennis ball, but Wilson ripped it up and ruined it so he’s not allowed to play with any of my toys now. I’ll have to look for the video of me playing catch with this ball.  It’s rather impressive.

That’s a picture of Wilson with his ‘Flea’ toy that Grammy Cheryl got him for Christmas this year.  I think it’s lame — I mean, really, it’s a CAT today for heavens sake! You’d think Grammy knew we were DOGS.   Flea came with a ‘Tick’ also but I refuse to play with any toys that have catnip in them.

Here’s a close-up of Tick – Wilson is on a mission to pull off his eyes!

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    March 8, 2010

    Well, Grammy’s disappointed in you Daisy Mae! You were always such a lady; and for you to say such a mean thing about Flea and Tick, well. You know Uncle Frittz watches your site too and he loves his mommy so. It hurt his little feelings!


    Daisy Mae

    March 10, 2010

    Sorry, Grammy, but a cat toy is a cat toy. I still love you.

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